Medium and high voltage maintenance

Medium and high voltage maintenance

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The medium and high voltage electrical maintenance business in the country is provided by the company Red Eléctrica Andina (REA).

Red Eléctrica Andina

Red Eléctrica Andina (REA), is a 100% subsidiary of Red Eléctrica Internacional and in turn part of the Red Eléctrica Group. We provide comprehensive support in the operation of electricity systems, medium and high voltage maintenance, and administration to other subsidiaries of the Group in Peru and Latin America.

We are a company specialized in the maintenance of medium and high-voltage electrical installations, protection systems, telecommunication systems, and technical consulting for energy projects. We take care of the maintenance of the proprietary installations of the Group in Peru, as well as third-party installations, especially electrical lines used in the mining industry.

Our history

REA was created as a project of the Red Eléctrica Group, beginning operations in July 2005 in order to service its principal client, Red Eléctrica del Sur (REDESUR). Its main offices were initially located in the city of Arequipa, but due to the growth of the company, and in order to satisfy the needs of all of its associated companies, it moved its operations to the city of Lima. For years, REA has grown considerably, serving different clients in the energy, mining, industrial, and projects sectors at the national level.

What do we do?

We offer specialized maintenance services for medium and high-voltage electrical installations, protection systems, telecommunication systems, and technical consulting for energy projects, from engineering studies, commissioning of systems, and maintenance plans.

How do we do it?

We work with qualified professionals, world-class technology and certified quality, safety, health, and environmental systems. We are aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers, achieving high satisfaction ratings through a constant search for business excellence, ongoing improvement of the quality of our processes, in the development and safety of our employees, and in the conservation and respect for the environment.

Principal maintenance services

Transmission lines

Cleaning and replacing insulator strings.

Maintenance of earthing of high-voltage towers.

Inspections, repairs, and replacement of conductors, guard cables, and fibre optic cables on high-voltage lines up to 220 kV.

Measurement of earthing resistance, forward and contact voltages on high-voltage towers.

Thermographic inspections.

Protection systems

Testing of protection relays.

Verification of meters and transducers.

Commissioning of substations.

Commissioning of protection systems.

End-to-end testing

Telecommunications systems

Maintenance of fibre optic links.

Maintenance of carrier wave links.

Maintenance of remote terminal units and SCADA.

Medium and high-voltage equipment

Power transformer testing.

Instrument transformer testing.

Power breaker testing.

Disconnector testing.

Surge arrester testing.